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We regret to inform that the MyMoney Commission refund solution is no longer accepting new applications.



You currently pay various fees on your investments which are used to pay commissions. For many Australians, there are thousands of dollars that they can recover. If you have:

  • Managed Investment funds
  • Cash Management Funds and Term Deposits
  • Superannuation or Pension funds
  • Margin loans

....MyMoney will collect these commissions and refund them to you as monthly cash payments direct to your bank account. Find Out More...Our Service

How does it work?

MyMoney gives you control over those commission payments.

  • Nominate MyMoney as your servicing adviser on your investments products
  • MyMoney collects the commissions and pays them to you monthly
  • Nothing changes with your investments, they remain under your control

It's as simple as that....Act today!


Act today. Every day you are missing out on cash you can easily get back.

These commissions may be currently paid to a financial adviser that are not giving you service. Just nominate MyMoney as your servicing adviser and we can collect all the commissions and apply them to your MyMoney account. All commissions received are transferred directly to your nominated bank account on a monthly basis.

This process does not affect any of your financial products. You continue to retain full ownership and control.

As the holder of a MyMoney account you can nominate various investment products. These can include your own investments products or those of your family, a company or family trust or SMSF, all within a single MyMoney account.

MyMoney provides complete transparency using our InvestorView solution. Log on anytime to monitor activity on your account. Drill down to individual commissions received by financial product, obtain activity statements and add further products to your MyMoney account.




This website does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or particular needs and does not provide financial planning advice.


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