About Us


With over 30 years of combined experience in financial services and technology development solutions, MyMoney is well equipped to provide the maximum benefits to its members. MyMoney are committed to ensuring that benefits are passed on to members, on a timely efficient and transparent basis.


Why use MyMoney Australia?

MyMoney Australia Pty Ltd is a dedicated financial services provider that develops financial service technology solutions to help consumers manage their own financial services and solutions. Through our dedication to technology we search for solutions to make the user experience and self control more achievable. MyMoney is a corporate authorised representative of Global Mutual Funds Pty Ltd an Australian Financial Services Licence Holder (AFSL 222640).

Partnering to bring you this opportunity.

MyMoney is owned by Global Mutual Funds, an Australian Financial Services Licensee, to bring you this opportunity. Global Mutual Funds is a privately owned company which obtained an Australian Financial Services License in 2002. The company was established to provide an efficient service for self-directed clients to access a wide but comprehensive range of financial products.

So how is MyMoney different to a financial adviser?

Our service can be distinguished from a traditional financial adviser in a number of ways. A financial adviser provides advice after taking into account your personal investment objectives, financial situation and needs. In addition, a financial adviser will provide recommendations of products within a Statement of Advice. MyMoney Australia Pty Ltd as a Corporate Authorised Representative of Global Mutual Funds does not provide financial advice.


Profit from your Money

If anyone is going to profit from your money, it should be you.

We only make money when you do!