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Looking for money for Jam? Did you know that commissions on your superannuation, managed funds managed investments and life insurance are being paid to a Financial Services company every year? Did you know that you can save money and have those commissions refunded back to you?

Money for Jam - Commission Refunds

When an Australian Financial Service company signs up an individual to financial fund such as Superannuation, Life Insurance, Managed Funds, some of these policies will pay an ongoing commission for the life of that policy to the Financial service that setup the policy. This is called a "trailing commission".  MyMoney, is a service that collects the commissions for you and refunds the cash back to you.

Money for Jam - Commission Refunds - Cash back to you:


  • Most Australians are unaware that there is commission being paid on their Fund Policies and even who it is being paid to.
  • Most people are also unaware that they can transfer that commission payment to another registered Australian Financial Service.


Welcome to MyMoney. MyMoney is a licensed Australian Financial Service company offering a service that turns the fees and commissions you pay, into cash back to you. Money for Jam. You simply need to register with MyMoney and they will assist you in changing the Australian Financial Service that is registered on your current eligible funds.

MyMoney collects the commissions and pays them back to you, direct to your bank account. Everything else about your investments remains the same. MyMoney does this service for a fee that comes out of your commission. No joining fee. MyMoney service fee of up to $240 pa. comes out of the commissions received.


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