Our Service

We collect all commissions on your financial products and pay them to you monthly.


Here’s how MyMoney will help you get Refunds on your financial products.

By nominating MyMoney as your financial intermediary we will:

  • Collect all trail and renewal commissions and on your investments products you nominate;
  • Pay them to you monthly direct to your nominated bank account;
  • Ensure that all existing entry fees (between 0 and  5%) applying to your investments and superannuation accounts are reduced to NIL. This ensures that 100% of any future contributions to your investments or super are working for you;
  • Provide you secure on-line access to monitor your transactions on your MyMoney account;
  • Provide a monthly activity statement showing all commission transactions on your investments;

All this for for a low annual fee. See Our Fees

We are able to collect commissions on all of these financial products:

  • Managed Investment funds
  • Cash Management Funds
  • Superannuation or Pension funds
  • Margin loans

By registering with the MyMoney service your investment products do not alter, you remain in total control and with 100% ownership and there are no new products to purchase. You will continue to deal with these products as you did. The only change is the nomination of the financial intermediary so that we can collect and refund you the commission.

Why MyMoney?

  • We pay each and every month direct to your bank account;
  • We cover all fund managers ;
  • Our fee structure ensures that you will always get a refund, even for low commission amounts
  • There is no joining or upfront fee;
  • Consolidate financial products into one MyMoney account to maximise your refund;
  • Secure access to your information


MyMoney is a NON-ADVISORY SERVICE. WE do not provide financial planning investment nor strategic advice.



OR, register manually


Phone: 1300 655 143 Download Information Calculate your Refund

Lowest Annual Fee:

MyMoney service fee of up to $240 comes out of the commissions received.
You receive 50% of the first $480 and thereafter 100%.

See Our Fees for Details

Consolidate Accounts

Include in one account, financial products held by:

  • You
  • Your family members
  • Your companies/trusts
  • Your super funds