Refer-A-Friend and receive extra $$$

MyMoney members can refer the MyMoney Service to any of their friends, family and others to get the benefits of MyMoney. They do not need large investments....even a small superannuation or insurance policy can generate refunds every month. This reward comes out of our fees not your friends refunds. So let them know about MyMoney today and get your referral fee and let them benefit.

Refer as many as you wish...We will pay you 20% of the fee we collect on your friends account.. There are no minimums you could receive up to $48 per referral and your friends do not need to reach a minimum amount.

We pay this to you every month as your friends get refunds. If you refer 10 people then you could receive $480 in rewards each and every year.

Your friends will appreciate the introduction to MyMoney benefits. AND you will have more money to spend. You must be a member of MyMoney to enjoy the benefits.

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